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Library Hours: 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Monday thru Friday
The Senate Library is a collection of Pennsylvania legislative documents and Pennsylvania law books

For House and Senate Calendars, bill text and other legislative information, visit Session Information on the Pennsylvania General Assembly's web site.
APPROPRIATIONS ACTS Appropriations acts are listed in The Laws of Pennsylvania in a separate section following the acts.  This is the only place where the appropriation acts are published.
BROCHURES, PAMPHLETS, AND MAPS The Senate library maintains current Pennsylvania State maps, Trucker's Guides, Boating and Fishing maps, the Pennsylvania Constitution, and other brochures for distribution.
CASE LAW The Senate Library has the opinions of the Supreme Court, Superior Court, and Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.  The Senate Library has the U.S. Supreme Court Reporter and the Federal Reporter 2nd and 3rd series.
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DIRECTORIES The Pennsylvania Manual, a biannual publication of state government, includes a listing of Senators and Representatives.  The Rules of the Senate and House are also published in the manual.
The Senate Library collects transcripts of hearings on bills, copies of testimony submitted during hearings, and reports pursuant to resolutions.
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LAWS The texts of laws are in Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes Annotated.   Purdon's is arranged in subject areas called titles.  An annual compilation, The Laws of Pennsylvania, lists the laws in sequential order as they are signed by the Governor.
The Combined History of Senate and House Bills enables one to trace the history of a bill during a legislative session.  A History contains the various printer's numbers of the bill and all action that occurred, including references to debate/remarks.
LEGISLATIVE JOURNALS The Senate Library collects  the Legislative Journal and its indexes and appendixes.  The Senate Library distributes the hardbound Legislative Journal: Senate to libraries throughout the state at the end of the legislative session.
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PERIODICALS The Senate Library subscribes to approximately 30 periodical titles, including the law reviews of the law schools in Pennsylvania.
REGULATIONS Proposed and promulgated regulations are published weekly in The Pennsylvania Bulletin.  Regulations are promulgated and recorded in The Pennsylvania Code.